English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • Linstowiidae — Lin·sto·wi·i·dae (lin sto wiґĭ de) a family of medium sized or small tapeworms of the order Cyclophyllidea, subclass Cestoda, which parasitize birds, reptiles, and mammals. Medically important genera are Oochoristica and Inermicapsifer …   Medical dictionary

  • Inermicapsifer — Genus of tapeworm (order Cyclophyllidae) first recognized in humans in 1935; an arthropod is thought to be involved in transmission (rodent to human, human to human). I. madagascariensis cestode often seen as human infection in Cuba in children… …   Medical dictionary

  • Cyclophyllidea — Cy·clo·phyl·lid·ea fə lid ē ə n pl an order of the subclass Cestoda that consists of tapeworms with four suckers on the scolex and the vitellaria condensed into a mass adjacent to the ovary and that includes most of the medically and economically …   Medical dictionary

  • Oochoristica — Oo·cho·ris·ti·ca (o″o ko risґtĭ kə) a large genus of tapeworms, family Linstowiidae, which are parasitic in birds, reptiles, and mammals …   Medical dictionary